Baltasara P.

The multi-genre production „Baltasara P.” emphasizes on music, singing, movement and art. Will be build on clear and believable dramatic situations with a strong point. Will be inspired by the unique atmosphere and history of the Plumlov castle and the life story of a children’s writer who lived in his shadow. For centuries, the castle was the seat of church and later secular officials, despite its rich history and the unwilling ambitions of its rich and powerful owners, it was never completed. He became a kind of „Tower of Babel”, a symbol of the futility of human endeavor.

The premiere of the performance will be presented on the Plumlov Castle in 2020. In the performace will be used an innovative method of communication – there will be used different languages – mainly: Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, also German, English and Latin. In the performance will be used unique sound of string quartet instruments – „Skrzypotrąby” invented by J.M.A.Stroh in 1899. It’s a kind of violin, strengthening its sound, through a resonator and a metal bowl, and the sound amplified by resonators is stronger and more rough.

We will use the inventive music of composer Boris Lenko and the rich imagination of the playwright and director Silvester Lavrik. A carefully selected international cast and will create the preformance full off credibility and charm, without which no good theater can do. An unmistakable part of the production will be her stage design – live stage design is based on principles that allow the puppet and it’s driver to merge magically. The author of the set up will be Hana Orságová.


The production will be decorated by the lively personality of the actress and singer Emose Uhumwangho/ PL

Script and direction – Silvester Lavrik / SK
Music composition – Boris Lenko/ SK
Set design and costumes: Hana Orságová/ CZ
Dramaturgy: Margit Garajszki/HU
Foto a video: Daniela Muranová/SK
Production, director’s assistant: : Joanna Zabuska/PL
Emose Uhumwangho/ PL
Margit Garajszki/ HU
Hana Orságová/ CZ  
András Nagy/HU
Silvester Lavrík/SK
Beata Wołczyk/ PL
Ewa Andruszkiewicz/ Wojciech Czemplik/ PL
Dariusz Wołczyk/ PL
Kinga Chudzikowska/ Emilia Danilecka/PL

Together with the project partners we want to increased the awareness of common heritage on the base of history and theater, promote the intercultural dialogue through innovative ways, spread knowledge of common history among not only local residents, but internationally.

Project partners:

BáPoDi – Bánovské pokútne divadlo

Artove sdruzeni Cylindr, z.s.

Město Plumlov

Terra Recognita Alapítvány

Project implemented with the support of the International Visegrad Fund.